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Tamiya FF-04 with TRF 211XM 4 gear transmission component design

Design work of the carbon fibre main chassis, top deck and front damper mount on the Tamiya FF-04 with a TRF 211XM 4 gear transmission, the 2016 test car

Read details about the car here

Video of track testing in september 2016

First impressions: Better traction, stability, braking and more precise on the track.

FF-04 TRF 211XM 4 gear transmission




December 6, 2015 at 11:56 am

Tamiya FF-03 EVO summary

Summary of over two years racing and updating the Tamiya FF-03 EVO FWD. Major improvements:

– Design and building a normal front damper system

– Rearranging weight distribution by moving the short LIPO battery in towards the centerline.

– Taking slop out of the steering system

Now this chassis is at the end of its life for me and latest spring 2016 I hope to have a new FWD TC.

December 6, 2015 at 11:00 am

Tamiya FF-03 EVO 2015 updates

FF03 topTrying to improve the handling on the FF-03 EVO by improving the weight distribution, improving the steering system and working on set ups.

FF0315 side


September 16, 2015 at 11:12 pm

Tamiya FF03EVO New front suspension

Got frustrated with the Tamiya FF03 EVO laydown front suspension so I designed and built a normal FF type front suspension. To be track tested soon.

Tamiya FF03 EVO with standard type front suspension

Tamiya FF03 EVO with standard type front suspension

Tamiya FF03 EVO New front suspension

Tamiya FF03 EVO New outboard front suspension

May 19, 2014 at 11:31 pm

Tamiya 417FF New rear damper mount

Replaced the stock 417 rear damper mount with a low and light weight custom designed version. 6 grams lighter including body mounts and more mounting positions for the dampers.417FF R Damper mount

May 19, 2014 at 11:24 pm

TA06-XX 2013 developments

Presenting the last development step for the TA06-XX chassis that was developed and track tested August to September 2013. The 2013 goal was to make a softer chassis because we have suspected the sligthly stiffer chassis compared to a Tamiya TRF417, did not generate enough grip.

Below: Jig for drilling and installing Schumacher Mi5 top deck supports to the TA06-XX front and rear damper mounts.

dampermount jig
Below: Fixing points for long vertical upper chassisdt fr

dt re

Below: Handcutting/dremeling the upperdeck from carbon fibre

Handcutting the CF top deck

Handcutting the CF top deck

Below: Fitting the topdeck into the TA06-XX chasssis

Fitting the top deck to the chasssis

Below: Tight fit for the top deck through the motor mount and main shaft. But it worked.

Top View

Top View

Below: Car ready for first test at a national race. No pre race testing at all so it had to work.

Race ready sidetop view


This upper deck update was built to a very tight timeschedule because it took alot of time to figure out a nice solution for it and the end of the raceseason was approaching. Everything fitted well and worked with no major problems. The car generated alot more grip than before and laptimes were a 0.1-0.2 seconds faster. More set up work is needed to get the best out of it. This was the last develpment step for this chassis. Next step needed would be a total update on suspension, steering etc. with 2014 level components.

This has been a very interesting project. The main goal back in 2011 was to build a car that was easier to drive originating from the idea that the motor and battery should be positioned centrally in the chassis. The handling has been very good, very easy to drive and it has been surprisingly reliable and working straight out of the box.  The car has been developed every year but still it turned out to be a low cost project. In 2012 the transverse battery was changed to a longitudinal position. In late summer 2013 it finally got a more flexible chassis. The laptimes have improved every year although one more step would be needed to get it up there I feel.

The plan for 2014 is to race a stock Tamiya TRF418 to set a benchmark and then again to see if something new can be made for 2015.

February 11, 2014 at 2:11 am

Presenting the Tamiya 417FF

The Tamiya 417FF / XV is ready.

Next step is to lower the motor as much as possible and shakedown test…IMG_2430

Ready for first test.417FF TR

August 7, 2013 at 9:39 pm

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