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TA06XX Rc Car – 2013 update and test report

The TA06XX has not been updated since 2012. The only changes are some work on the set up. The car likes a soft suspension set up meaning softer springs than what is normal on 10th scale TCs and no roll bars  are used.

After the first outdoor test and race of 2013 these are the main points:

– Car is faster than last year thanks to improved set up with soft springs, no roll bars, B-B front suspension mount and softer upper deck.

– Great handling and easy to drive, but still too slow compared to the competition.

– Less power because short LIPO batteries are used. This means less voltage and the discharge curve is worse than normal size LIPOs (losing voltage towards the end of the heat). I will try Much More Flat discharge rate short LIPOs to see the effect this has on laptimes.

– Car is a little bit understeery, I think the chassis is not generating enough grip because the chassis is too stiff. I believe the key to get faster lap times is a softer chassis and I currently work on a solution that hopefully will turn out pretty nice.

TA06XX 2013 Test picture


June 5, 2013 at 12:08 am


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