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TA06-XX Experimental project car

The TA06-XX is a TC chassis inspired by the Tamiya TA06 layout. Although it only has the steering system and suspension carried over from the original TA06 I want to build my cars always with a Tamiya theme. Thats why it is called TA06-XX. The motor mount is from a drift car and the front and rear bulkheads from the Tamiya TRF 416 just like last years car.

On this years car I wanted to try the longitudinal battery layout because it allows much better packaging of the electronics which was always a problem on the 2011 414 experimental chassis The front belt routing is much better and the front idler pulley is super compact, mounted to the upper deck, really I’m a little bit proud of that solution.

The main chassis is very narrow which should make it possible to run lower ride height. How much lower I have to check. The sidepods where the electronics are mounted are raised 2,5 mm. The car has very similiar front to rear weight distribution as the TRF 417 compared to last years version which was a bit tail heavy. It is 100 g underweight so alot of  ballast to play with. There is quite a lot of room for it on the chassis plate which helps to change the weight distribution.

Cost of this project is about 130 Eur for the carbon parts, 30 Eur for the steering and then 40 euros for other small parts. The rest I had from last year.

More pictures

Car ready for first test.


June 2, 2012 at 12:28 am


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