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Polestar Volvo wins the STCC

Congratulations to Polestar for winning the 2009 STCC drivers and team chamionship. The normal Volvo C30 for sale at Volvo dealers might not be a hit but the Polestar built C30 s2000 car is massively impressive when studying the details of that car. The 5 cylinder engine sound is great. And it is a full inhouse project by Polestar in Sweden.

With the championship decided in the second race of the double header at Mantorp, the final race of the season, this is a race that will be remebered for a long time.



October 3, 2009 at 11:34 am

STCC Gelleråsen 2009

June 6, 2009 at 10:51 pm

Le Mans 24h 2008

14-15 June I visited the 24 Heures du Mans. Racing doesn’t get any better than this.

September 3, 2008 at 10:40 pm


Here are some currrent and past favorite racing cars listed.


The best racing today is WTCC. Touring cars built according to super 2000 rules.  

Alfa Romeo 156 WTCC 2007 developed by N-technology.

alfa-156-wtcc-1.jpg  alfa-156-wtcc-2.jpg

Peugeot 407 developed by Peugeot sport.


Honda Accord built by JAS



The greatest touring cars ever built are the Super touring cars from 1994-2001. In the BTCC, STW, ETCC and STCC it was the best racing ever seen. You will understand what I mean by viewing this video 

Production 4 door bodyshell with front splitter and rear wing, 2 litre engine 320 hp mouted low and as far back as possible for better weight distribution, sequential gearbox, very advanced suspension, driver position low and back for better weight distribution. More info at and   and pictures at

Peugeot 406 dominated the german STW 1997. Video

406-stw.jpg  406-stw-engine.jpg

Volvo S40 developed an run by TWR in BTCC. Video 

s40.jpg  s40-incar.jpg

Ford Mondeo built by Prodrive. 2 litre V6 engine. Famous for its 2 litre V6 engine. Video


Nissan Primera designed and run by RML, one of the best supertourers.


Renault Laguna built by Williams.


Honda Accord


Opel Vectra built by Triple Eight Engineering

vectra-2.jpg vectra.jpg


Audi A4 built by Audi Sport in germany


BMW 320i, famous for its noisy transmission Video


Alfa Romeo 156


It is nice to see that these great cars are still racing.


Aston Martin DBR9 GT 1. Amazing engine sound. Video


Lamborghini R GT GT1. A great project by Reiter engineering. Gives a lot of inspiration for building racing cars. Video  and


Lamborghini Gallardo GT3.

gallardo-gt3.jpg gallardo2-gt3.jpg

Renault Clio Cup 2007


This is a car I would like to have. 30000 Euros and you can get a brand new Renault Clio cup car with sequental gear box and data logging, built by Renault Sport. Video

November 25, 2007 at 12:47 am


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