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First test on carpet TRF Experimental TC chassis

Last weekend was the first test on carpet with the test car from last year. In fact it was a national race and with no testing before the race it was treated as a test session for me. Laptimes were 0,9 seconds off the pace at one stage but at the end of the day best laptime was 0,2 from the fastest at the race. The positive thing is that the car continues to have good relaiability and is not at all sensitive to getting the chassis tweaked, someting that was also noticed during last summers outdoor season.

It was just general set up work for the carper track with no new parts yet. The main improvements made to the set up were the following: Yokomo springs, 30 g weight in the front bumper, 1 mm spacers under the front suspension blocks and stiffer rear diff (2000 oil).

The design of the new chassis is late because I don’t know which battery layout to choose. There are compromises either way you do it.


January 24, 2012 at 12:41 am


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