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Tamiya TRF 416 shakedown and first test

We completed a two day test with the 416 chassis on carpet. During the two days different set up changes were tested to get a good balance. We tested diffrent ackerman settings, springs and damping, droop and one way vs spool. 

A good number of battery packs were run and it seems that the handling is an improvement over the 415 MR edition. Especially the sometimes too agressive turn in that was typical for the MR edition on carpet seems to to have been corrected with the new steering system geometry.

Generally we found that similar set ups that worked well on the MR also works on the 416 so we have a clear direction in which to go to on the set ups. We also noticed that the chassis never got tweaked, a common problem with the 415. The upper chassis with 8 screws to the bulkheads is a big improvement.

In the upcoming tests we plan to try the short suspension arms and diffrent upper suspension arm positions.


December 30, 2007 at 11:12 pm

Tamiya TRF 416

The long awaited Tamiya TRF 416 chassis was assembled during christmas and the end result is impressive.

– long upper chassis for better flex characteristics, mounted with 8 screws to front and rear bulkheads, less prone to tweak the chassis.

– uprights with 5 x 10 bearings for better precision and more reliability.

– more reliable and externally adjustable diff.

– new steering system geometry. The compleate steering assembly can easily be slided out from chassis for easy adjustment of ackerman. 

– symetrical chassis for better flex characteristics.

– improved and more efficient transmission.

The only problems was that the inner suspension arm hinge pins have some slop and need to be ca glued and the central post need to be shimmed to the motor mount for good alignment.

26122007-004.jpg   26122007-007.jpg


December 30, 2007 at 12:02 am


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