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Euros 2007

After three very busy weeks with car building and lot of work on the 2007 Off-Road Euros track and facilities in Vaasa we can say that Euros 2007 was a great event but not for the Supertec 2wd. We broke the car during the first day practice with no possibility to repair it.

Great coverage from 2007 Euros here:

We found out that the aluminum parts need to be of higher grade aluminum to withstand the high forces in off road cars. Both the front and rear bulkheads and the front suspension mount bent after landing from the big jumps. 

With some handling problems on the first practice runs we got the car handling suprisingly well in the last run before it broke.

It was a major set back for this project that it broke so early as more running was needed to really see if there is any potential with this type of chassis layout. We need high strength aluminum parts to be able to continue testing it. We hope to test it later in the year but nothing is decided yet. 



Bent bulkheads.


July 29, 2007 at 8:52 pm

Supertec 501 Experimental 2wd

CAD rendering of the Supertec 501 Experimental 2wd. A 2wd test chassis built from the Tamiya TRF 501 X.


Test car ready for the off road European championship 2007.


Special features on the Supertec 501 2wd.


Tungsten heavy alloy ballast under the transmission. Tungsten heavy alloy is used as ballast material in Formula 1.  It has 70 % higher density than lead giving the possibility to add more weight in a smaller space.

Temp indicator 

Non-Reversible Temperature label indicates the motor temperature.  

July 16, 2007 at 3:55 pm


Unfortunately we did not manage to test the car at the Euros track prior to the testing ban due to bad weather. The only testing so far has been some straight line testing to check that everything is working. 

We did not find any big problems yet except normal things like loose screws etc. We have one test session planned before the euros to get a base set up. 

July 16, 2007 at 3:36 pm


All parts had arrived by beginning of July, cut carbon fiber parts from England, components from Tamiya and Associated, belts, aluminum parts from local supplier and required hardware. Then immediately the assembly started to get the car ready before the test ban on the 2007 Euros track would come into force.

We did not face any real big problems during assembly, everything fitted together surprisingly well, probably because all the endless hours spent in front of Alibre design 3D CAD during spring 2007. Of course there were some small things that are not 100% but the important thing was to get it ready in time to be able to test before the Euros race.


Supertec 2wd test car completed.


TRF 501X Body and wing.

July 16, 2007 at 12:17 pm


With some sketches on paper, lot of weight distribution and layout analyzing, plus one Tamiya TRF 501X and the 3D CAD software from Alibre design we were ready to start designing.

In beginning of March we started. The design philosophy was to make a very simple car that would be easy to understand. Also it would be slightly over dimensioned ensuring good reliability, the idea for this experimental chassis was to test the new concept and not to make the fastest car possible.  We started with the design of the transmission as it is the tricky part. We made 3D CAD model of the 501X transmission parts and found that it would be surprisingly easy to get the transmission done. Then we designed the rear suspension trying to make everything as simple as possible and the result was basically the TRF 501X transmission and rear suspension with the only custom parts the L and R rear bulkheads and the belt.


Rear suspension and transmission assembly. 

Then we moved to working on the front suspension, consisting of B4 suspension components with altered geometry, special made damper mount and aluminum bulkheads. After that we made the chassis plates and the last part was the steering system.  We made a single arm steering system for easy packaging in the chassis.


Front end.

In beginning of June the design was ready and all parts were ordered. Pretty nice looking, lets hope that the future 2wd race buggies from the big manufacturers will be aluminum and carbon fiber.

Design finished.


July 16, 2007 at 12:07 pm


In beginning of 2007 we started studying a concept for a new 2wd electric buggy. The aim was to make a car that would be easy to drive and then see what lap times it could do. It was clear from the beginning that it should have a mid motor layout. Further we think a race car should be built from carbon fiber chassis with aluminum bulkheads for high precision, low weight and also important, this type of chassis is easy to update and change compared to molded type chassis normally used in 2wd buggies.

We decided to use the Tamiya TRF 501 X as the base for this experimental car so you could say it’s a 2wd conversion for the 501 X, sharing rear suspension, dampers and transmission. That is the reason it is named Supertec 501 Experimental 2wd.

July 12, 2007 at 9:14 am


We like all types of racing cars.  A long time dream has been to design and build a racing car. RC cars offers an excellent opportunity to make reality of this dream as they cover almost all the elements of full scale racing at only a fraction of the costs.

There are two ways to make a new racing car, optimize something that you know works or try something completely new. For this project we wanted to try something new and 2wd off road buggies offered a good opportunity for a bit of experimenting.

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