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Test report TA06-XX Experimental Rc car

Test report of  the TA06-XX  that has been tested in a couple of races during the last months.

Some points:

– The front drive belt and pulley is working really well and it is so much cleaner installation than on last years car. It still make for some additional transmission losses compared to a TRF 417 because of the extra pulley. But I  believe that when pushing the throttle power goes more directly to the front  because the belt will not stretch as much because of the pulley. More torque to the front wheels initially when applying trottle. Car feels smoother on track in this aspect compared to the TRF 417. This is just my feeling though.

– The main chassis is very narrow with it’s raised sidepods where the electronics are installed. See Photo This makes it possible to run the car with lower ride height and it compensates the increase of center of gravity height that the electonics and higher motor mount causes. How much lower the car can be run will be tested more accurately later. Also some changes to the set up is likely needed if running it much lower than normal.

– Chassis was feeling a little bit too stiff when newly built but with the optional cut out upper chassis and some 30 runs into it is very similiar stiffness to other cars.

Trying diffrent stiffness upper decks

On the track:

– Car has so far been run with standard Tamiya TRF 417 set up.  On track it feels so easy to drive. I have never driven a 10th scale TC that is this easy to drive. Why the laptimes aren’t faster than they are is a mystery. The car feels so good and it is not undertsteering. More experimenting with the set ups and more testing will be done in the coming month to try to understand the car better.

– The car has been very reliable, not a single problem so far.

ETS Traiskirchen – very difficult track where I was struggling, way too much grip on the track surface. I did not like this track.

ETS Traiskirchen Pits. Temperature was maximum 36 C, crazy.


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